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To get started, simply click on the icon below to be re-directed to the eReferral registration page. Once your account is approved, you can start submitting and tracking referrals online through the FREE eReferral application.

Application Process
1. Register online or by phone - Submit registration online or contact 905-338-2983 ext. 4870 to apply by phone
2. Email Verification- You will receive an email to verify your account
3. User Agreement- once the account has been verified you will receive a participant agreement by email to be signed
4. Account activated- once the agreement has been signed, your account will be activated and ready for you to start tracking and submitting your referrals



Group Training
We will work with your team to schedule a time that works best for your office
(3 or more people)

Train the Trainer
Our eReferral instructor/facilitator will provide training for your staff to become a expert of the eReferral application
(1-2 people)

Print Materials
The Central Intake Program has created a wide range of printed materials to assist with the roll out of eReferral.
Visit the Training and Materials page for a complete list

Please email the
Central Intake Program office to organize a training session for your practice