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Application Process
1. Register online or by phone - Submit registration request via email by clicking the icon below or call 905-338-2983 ext. 4870 to apply by phone
2. Email Verification- You will receive an email to verify your account
3. User Agreement- once the account has been verified you will receive a participant agreement by email to be signed
4. Account activated- once the agreement has been signed, your account will be activated and ready for you to start tracking and submitting your referrals


IT Requirements

Please see below for a list of computer requirements in order to successfully run the eReferral application. 

Computer Requirements

Any computer accessing the eReferral application requires

One of the following

  • Dynamic web twain Active X control (IE9)
  • Dynamic web twain plug in (Firefox) only for direct desktop scanning features

Internet Browser Requirements

One of the following

  • Internet Explorer 10 or better
  • Firefox 25.0.1 or better
  • Google Chrome

eReferral Support

For support on eReferral contact

  • Email: EReferralSupport@mhcentralintake.com
  • Phone: 905-338-2983 ext. 4870